The Wuping County Government Team to Zhongyan Technology for investigation

  • 2021-04-20

On the morning of April 21, 2021, Zhang Lihua, Magistrate of People’s Government of Wuping County, Longyan City, Chen Shengwen, Director of the County Bureau of Commerce, Lin Dan, Secretary of the Party Committee of Taxi Town, and other leaders went to Zhongyan Technology for investigation and research; the leaders visited in the company of General Manager Wu Bin Workshop and inquired in detail about the production and operation status of the company in recent years, and then the two parties had a discussion.

General Manager Wu Bin reported to the county magistrate Zhang Lihua and other leaders on the company's development history, talent construction, product details, and advantages, and specifically explained the products in terms of achieving "magnetic levitation" technology and "carbon neutral" energy-saving and emission reduction. While the leaders listened with interest, they shared the investment environment of Wuping County. The county magistrate Zhang Lihua introduced in detail the policies of the Wuping County Party Committee and the County Government on talent introduction, children’s education, housing rental for employees, land use, fiscal and taxation, etc. Strength and determination.

Magistrate Zhang Lihua is particularly interested in the future development of Zhongyan Technology. She is very satisfied with the investigation and research work. She highly praised General Manager Wu Bin as a responsible and sentimental business owner and hoped that General Manager Wu Bin will lead the team to Wuping as soon as possible for investigation.

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