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FUJIAN ZY ELECTRIC & MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is located in Fuzhou Industrial Innovation Development Center. The company was established in 2015 and entered the Internet of Things Development Center in January 2020.

ZY Technology is a company specializing in the field of electrical transmission and industrial automation control. The company adheres to the business philosophy of R&D, production and service. Based on the control system operation and maintenance service and frequency conversion speed control drive technology, it continues to provide customers with high-tech enterprises with efficient and practical motor products and convenient and efficient technical services.

The company's main business is rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motors, synchronous reluctance motors, intelligent maintenance-free moisture absorbers, large-scale industrial fans, etc., to access the Internet of Things, realize intelligent upgrade of equipment, remote services, big data collection, industry analysis and other projects, with new The complete set of capabilities for R&D, manufacturing, testing, and application of energy motors have reached the national first-level energy efficiency, and are in a leading position in the domestic industry.

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