Lin Fang, Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Yu Yingling, Minister of the Organization Department of Mawei District, visited Zhongyan Technology

  • 2021-04-29

On November 26, 2020, Deputy Minister Lin Fang of the Organization Department of the Fuzhou Municipal Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Mawei District Party Committee and Minister of the Organization Department Yu Yingling, accompanied by the general manager of Mawei Industrial Construction Corporation Wang Yongbing and other relevant leaders, visited Fujian Zhongyan Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation, Guiding work. Company General Manager Wu Bin, Deputy General Manager Wang Ruixian, and Technical Director Zheng Wei warmly received the research team members.

Vice Minister Lin Fang and his entourage first visited the company’s corporate culture and honor wall. Through surveillance videos, they watched the 15,000-square-meter production base in Chang’an Investment Zone, Mawei District, and the work of employees; then the leaders listened carefully to General Manager Wu Bin’s comments on Zhongyan A report on the development history of science and technology in the past three years and the future development direction.

Regarding the application of the "Internet of Things+" mentioned in the report on motors, Vice Minister Lin Fang talked with general manager Wu Bin with great interest about: permanent magnet low-noise water pump motors, magnetic levitation high-speed motors, special frequency conversion for air compressors Opinions and suggestions on integrated motors, integrated servo drive integrated motors, etc. in the fields of R&D, manufacturing and application, particularly concerned about the company’s R&D process, the introduction of talents encountered practical problems, and at the same time shared the motor sales channels The thoughts and experience affirmed Zhongyan Technology’s daring to think and dare to do in the electrical machinery industry, and gave high praise and recognition to the company’s current achievements in a relatively short period of time: I believe that to revitalize China, industry is the first, hope Zhongyan Technology dares to take the lead in the world and is not afraid of difficulties. In the fields of motor manufacturing, "Internet of Things+", and on the journey of "China's intelligent manufacturing", it will take a higher level and play its leading role in the industry.

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