ZDSE 三相双速异步电动机
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ZDSE 三相双速异步电动机
双速电机的安装尺寸、外形和ZYE系列、 ZME系列标准电机相同,符合IEC标准。
特殊订制 :可订制成高温电动机。
ZDSE series 2 speed electric motors are either aluminium or cast iron made. By interchanging thewinding data and connection,
different speeds can actually beachieved in a single motor .The electric motor’s winding methods are classified into two:single
winding or compound winding.Depending on the load, the motors can be classified into 3 types of motors:Fan motor, constant power
motor and constant torque motor.Users can decide on the types of control they desire.
The mounting dimensions and appearance of ZDSE series 2 speed electric motors are the same as ZYE or ZME standard
motors.They too comply with IEC standard,have protection level of IP55, and are Class F insulated and Class B temperature rise
examined. Operating conditions for this motors are as follow: Ambient temperature of -15℃-40℃ and locations not 1000m above
sea level. Special project:Can be made into high temperature motor.